We aren’t all fireman, police officers or paramedics,

but we can all respond.

Show your support for REBOOT in three ways…

1 | Encourage

Write a note of encouragement to a first responder or spouse. We’ll share it with a current Firstline participant.

It only takes a minute, but it’s a quick and easy way for you to show them you care. Let a hurting family know that someone they’ve never met is praying for them and wants the very best for them!

2 | Experience

Attend one of our regularly scheduled public events to see for yourself the impact Firstline is making.

Through Firstline Graduations and other opportunities, we’re excited for you to get to know our amazing team of leaders and graduates.

3 | Engage


We are seeking new Firstline group leaders, church hosts, and nonprofit partners. Is that you or someone you know? Help us bring Firsltine to your community!


Your financial support of Firstline will enable us to meet our goal of expansion to over 300 locations across the nation in the next three years. Answer the call to help first responders and their families!