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For many police officers, firefighters, and paramedics, the stress doesn’t end when they flip off the siren and leave the scene of an incident. The sights, sounds, and smells of the experience follow them home and, if left unaddressed, begin to chip away at their mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being.

The situation reaches critical as these responders struggle to find a healthy coping mechanism. The stress at work begins to impact life at home, and the very heroes who respond to the emergencies of others now find themselves in the midst of their own personal emergencies.

Firstline offers a 13 week journey to healing.

At Firstline, our stress and trauma healing course provides a unique blend of clinical insight with Christian faith-based support for first responders and their loved ones. For 13 weeks, members attend weekly meetings and complete brief daily healing activities through the Firstline mobile app.
Childcare and a pre-discussion meal are provided on a weekly basis to remove barriers of entry for families seeking help. We encourage the participation of spouses and affected family members because we know that trauma impacts the entire family.
After completing their healing journey, graduates are invited to participate in our advanced level journey or begin offering help to others by joining their local Firstline volunteer teams.


The Gateways of Trauma
The Roots of Trauma
Finding Purpose in Your Pain
Making Choices to Heal
Dealing with Anger
Loss and Grief
Depression and Suicide
Guilt and Innocence
Receiving and Giving Forgiveness
Armoring Up for Future Attacks
Your True Identity
Share Your Story


In 2015, Chris and Rahnella Adsit, founders of Branches of Valor, completed a pioneering workbook called “The First Responder Healing Manual.” As word of the workbook spread, it reached the ears of an organization called REBOOT Combat Recovery which offers a 12 week combat trauma healing course. Instantly seeing a connection between the two models, the Adsits joined forces with the REBOOT team and began work on Firstline.
Initially, courses were exclusively operated by Firstline HQ staff. However, as word of the model began to spread, calls from churches, non-profits and stations began to pour in. Today, the Firstline HQ team focuses on equipping everyday people to launch and lead a recovery journey team in their own communities.
Firstline has a vision to change the way stress and trauma are viewed for the next generation. With data in hand, we will help reshape the traditional model of healing to include not just mental health but also spiritual health as well.


Chris Adsit

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Chris is a widely recognized author, discipleship mentor and speaker. As the son of an FBI agent, Chris grew up in cities all over the country. After graduating Magna Cum Laude from Colorado State University in Biological Sciences, Chris became an All-American in the 400m hurdles and was inducted into the Colorado State University Sports Hall of Fame in 2013. Shortly after the induction, Chris joined the staff of Campus Crusade for Christ in 1974.

For the next 15 years, he worked directly with the Athletes in Action Track Team where he competed in the decathlon. In 1975, he competing on the USA team against Russia and Poland. Due to his historic career, he was invited to be the Team Director and was placed in charge of staff development.

Feeling that God had more for him, he launched Disciplemakers International in 1989 and began research, writing and training leaders in need-oriented disciplemaking. Soon he would author “Personal Disciplemaking” – a step-by-step guide for leading a new Christian from birth to maturity as well as “Connecting With God” – a study series for growing disciples on foundational connection points with God.

In 2005, he began serving on staff at CRU Military as the Associate National Director of Discipleship where he helped his wife, Rahnella, launch the CRU Military Ministry.

That effort would lead him to write the, now internationally acclaimed book, “The Combat Trauma Healing Manual.” This best seller workbook has inspired and equipped military ministries across the world!

He went on to write the “The Spiritual Fitness Handbook – A Christian Perspective for Troops and their Families” and the “First Responder Healing Manual.”

He is the co-founder of Branches of Valor with his wife Rahnella and they have been married since 1978. He is the father of four grown children and they currently live in Eugene, OR. Their oldest son (twin) Jonathan trained as firefighter, and fitness instructor. Their youngest daughter Mary is a medical receptionist, engaged to Joshua Waddell, USMC Captain stationed in Quantico, VA (veteran of two tours in Afghanistan) and their oldest daughter Jessica is married to Adam Pelatt, a surgeon trainer with Intuitive Medical (the DaVinci Machine).

Rahnella Adsit

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Rahnella is a renowned author, speaker and ministry entrepreneur. Since the 1970’s, Rahnella has been helping organizations reach military and first responders who have encountered a physical, emotional or spiritual crisis. She has served on staff with Campus Crusade For Christ, CRU Military, Athletes in Action and Disciplemakers International.

In 2006, she helped CRU launch their Military PTSD Ministry by developing a series practical tools for returning wounded warriors and their families. Those books include the “Combat Trauma Healing Manual,” “When War Comes Home,” and a nationally recognized training called “Bridges to Healing.”

In 2012, her and her husband Chris, founded Branches of Valor where they began offering hope and healing in the areas of satanic ritual abuse, sexual abuse, adult victims of child abuse and multiple personality disorder.

Currently, Rahnella is found most days focusing her efforts on literary research, writing and training groups in how to help our troops and first responders who have experienced trauma in the line of duty. Her speaking takes her around the world to countries including Germany, Italy, Burundi, Kenya, South Africa, Russia, Ukraine and Iraq.

She is married to Chris, lives in Eugene, Oregon and is the mother of four grown children, one of which is a combat veteran who served two tours in Afghanistan.

Evan Owens

Executive Director
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Evan Owens currently serves as the Executive Director of REBOOT Combat Recovery. During his tenure as the Executive Director, REBOOT has expanded to eight locations around the country. He is certified in military ministry and has personally facilitated trauma recovery groups for over 350 combat veterans and military spouses.

Evan was formerly the CEO for Centresource Interactive Agency. Founded in 2003, Centresource builds web and mobile experiences for the non-profit, startup and healthcare segments. Under his leadership, Centresource expanded to a national client base and was privileged to be named in the INC 5000, the Hottest 100 Companies in TN and the Inner City 100 Fastest Growing Companies in the US lists. Also in 2010, Centresource was selected as a finalist for the .NET Design Agency of the Year. Evan stepped down as CEO in 2013 to begin serving as the Executive Director of REBOOT Combat Recovery.

Dr. Jenny L. Owens, OTD

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Dr. Jenny Owens has worked as an occupational therapist with veterans with mild traumatic brain injury (mTBI) and post-traumatic stress (PTS) since 2007. Through her experience at the Warrior Resiliency and Recovery Center at Ft. Campbell, KY Jenny developed an expertise in the evaluation and treatment of the cognitive, visual, and psychosocial sequelae of mTBI and PTS.

During her tenure at Ft. Campbell, she helped developed Ft. Campbell’s Military Functional Assessment Program, the first of its kind in the nation, to collectively assess service members’ ability to perform key job requirements prior to returning them to the front lines.

By 2013, Jenny had shifted her focus from clinical work to engage in a research project exploring cognitive rehabilitation for executive dysfunction among a military mTBI population. As an author, she has contributed to the mTBI Rehabilitation Toolkit (2015), AOTA’s Self Paced Clinical Course for Traumatic Brain Injury, and Occupational Therapy for Physical Dysfunction, 7th ed. (2013).

In 2011, Jenny founded REBOOT Combat Recovery, a non-profit that provides free face-to- face programs to help service members and their families heal from the spiritual wounds of war.

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