Responder spouses, you are not alone.

You’re here because you love your spouse, but the person you fell in love with now seems to be a shell of his or her former self. You are desperate for healing in your relationship, but you don’t know where to turn. Maybe you’ve been given medications to numb your feelings. Or maybe you’ve been given books to read to lift your spirits. 

But you’re not interested in a pick-me-up or a quick fix. You desire lasting change.

In just a few weeks, life can be better.

Firstline is unlike anything else you’ve tried before. We believe that when people are married, the two become one flesh – that’s why we strongly encourage spouses and responders to complete the Firstline journey together. During our process, walls are broken down to help educate you about what your spouse experienced and how you may have experienced secondary trauma. And rather than merely point you in the right direction, we’ll crawl down in the ditch with you to show you the way out. As you read this, families just like yours are experiencing the breakthrough they’ve been so desperately seeking. Your healing can start today.


Though we do provide support, and we are are a group, we are much more than just a “support group.” We are a network of “bridge people” helping one another cross the spiritual void experienced in the aftermath of stress and trauma. The course consists of a led discussion digging deeper into specific topics related the daily struggles of first responders and their families. Most groups are led by fellow first responders.
Each meeting starts by getting to know each other in a casual, comfortable environment. Often this involves eating a family-style meal together. We believe that spouses are deeply affected by the responder career choice, so we encourage married couples to complete the course together. And at most locations, childcare is provided as well.
Critical incidents and emergencies impact the mind, body, and soul. With the Bible as our guide, we focus on helping our group members establish or regain the connectedness with God and their loved ones that they were designed to experience.

Ready to get started?

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